Online shopping is the process of buying goods and services online. There are many websites that allow the user to buy things online. The more popular online websites are Amazon and eBay and they sell a variety of items.  Since the early 2000s, the number of shoppers has grown considerably. This is due to many factors but they come down to, availability of internet, higher number of internet users, convenience of shopping from home, competitive prices, valid and safe mode of payments, growth in the number of e-commerce website, product selection, websites such as Amazon and eBay gaining consumer trust and cheap shipping costs.

Online shopping starts with you visit an e-commerce website and then order what you want. It could be a single item or multiple items.  All these items will go into a virtual shopping cart which will display all the items for you to check out and make payments. After they finish ordering the buyer would then enters their address and thereafter is supposed to make the payment. Most sites accept Credit cards and Debit cards and some accept payment methods such as wire transfers, gift cards and Pay Pal and some sites even allow payment upon delivery. After you make your payment the product will be sent to the address you entered in a few days or months depending on where you live.  If the product is software or e-book or anything similar you just have to download it after payments.

Usually there is a process that happens behind the scenes and that is the freight companies Melbourne, know more at Companies such as Amazon and eBay cater to millions of customers every day and they need to store and keep track of all items. This is a complex process and more customers’ means it gets even more complex. This process has to be done carefully because there are many items that may be fragile or easily broken. Depending on where the customer lives the product is will be made ready. This means, if the customer lives close to the warehouse they would use a simple packaging and send it out but if the customers overseas they would either hire freight companies or handle it by themselves and this means when the customer is purchasing the product, they will be charged a shipping fee when they enter the shipping address and the type of shipping.  Fast shipping costs more than regular shipping. Depending on the country shipping prices may vary. Further import taxes and tax laws may be present in your country and this too will be added to the purchase price of warehousing and distribution Sydney.

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