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Summer-Outdoor Themed Wedding Or Reception

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Selecting a theme for a wedding can be difficult. You have to keep the budget, the venue, and guest list in mind when selecting it. Apart from all of these, it’s also important that you incorporate “yourselves” (and your fiancé naturally included) or what makes you, you; into the theme of your big day. So, it’s no surprise that themed weddings are usually thought of as too much work for the result. But a little careful organizing and a creative mind can make themed weddings happen without a glitch. Here are a few of our experts’ tips and suggestions on how to make an outdoor themed wedding or reception happen…

•    The venue – the venue is usually what helps people figure out their theme. If you really want an outdoor themed wedding or reception, then opt for having destination style wedding. Where better to have such a themed wedding than in a spacious garden? And it only gets better when the venue is special to you emotionally; like a family home. Even country club venues work well here.

•    The invitations – as soon as you are done making your guest list and decide on a venue, it’s important that you start looking into invitations. For an outdoor theme, look for cards that are rustic and nature themed. Wooden textured (or print) cards work exceptionally well for this theme.
•    The dresses – summer dresses look lovely as bridals in small and intimate weddings. But if your heart is set on the white dress, then we suggest that you get your bride’s maids dressed in summer colors. The bridal accessories can be done accordingly. Apart from fitting the theme, their colorful dresses are also going to look very pretty in the photos; it’s a win-win situation!

•    The decorations – this plays a significant part in portraying any theme. Apart from using flowers to decorate and brightening up the venue in a colorful summer approved way, you can also use flowers and the outdoors for the diy wedding decor. One of our favorite ideas for outdoor theme decorations, is using grass table runners. 

•    The gifts – when it comes to weddings, there are all kinds of gifts involved. The gifts your guests give you, the gifts you give your guests, and even the token you give your bride’s maids and flower girls. Include the summer-outdoor theme into it. Potted succulent as door gifts is a personal favorite of ours; as it’s a gift that can grow. Flowery bracelets and pendants will suit anyone; be it that they are your bride’s maids, flower girls, or even the maid of honor…! To know more about wedding decorations Perth, visit